Thank you so much to all the people who helped get a full wishlist of books on the way to this wonderful school.  If you’ve just arrived, please consider helping our other schools in need of books!  Let’s get more kids excited to read.  Also please follow us on Twitter or Facebook - we have lots more empty shelves to fill, coming soon.


Alvarado Middle is a grades 6-8 school located in Union City, California (a suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area).  We have a culturally and ethnically diverse population of approximately 1400 students who love their library.  Over the years the library has been the hub of the school where students can come check out books to escape, learn, discover, and grow as individuals.  However, recent cuts to education have had a drastic impact on our Library Media Program.  The hours of the library have been reduced, and the budget eliminated.  Many of our well-loved books are falling apart and in desperate need of replacement, and students come in seeking new titles that we are not able to purchase. As the Library Media Teacher, I continue to seek ways to get books into students’ hands and help them become lifelong readers.